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As long as you’re trying to find what are Google ads or Google Ads, this suggests that you just want to use the potential of the biggest digital advertising network within the world to promote something and make a profit through it in a way.

The giant Google Ads platform is one in all the foremost important platforms that a lot of marketers and owners of companies and types depend upon, whether large or emerging.

If you’re one in every of those and need to begin your journey within the fun world of Google ads, then you’re within the right place, because during this guide you may learn everything you wish.

In this guide you may find:

Why do most marketers within the world depend on the Google platform specifically to push their products and services.
The types and locations of ads that the enormous Google Network offers you.
How Google works through the Google ADS platform.
How ads are ranked in search results.
How the photos and videos that appear on the various sites that cooperate with Google are selected.
How is that the cost of one ad calculated?
The most important resources you would like to become an expert Google Ads platform.
All this you may find presented to you in a very simple and clear way with the employment of the many examples and illustrations, this can be our custom on the winners site.

and why does one want to depend on Google ads
In order to urge new customers for your business, or to push your different products, you’ll be able to use plenty of free platforms and ways to market, such as:

Post articles on your site and find traffic from different search engines.
Pay attention to SEO in your online store and obtain customers from search engines.
Post content on various social networking sites (Facebook – Instagram – Telegram – Linkedin) and build your own audience.
So why would you prefer to spend money on ads, especially Google ads that big network, or rather why are there such a large amount of companies and marketers who pay millions to advertise on Google?

Perhaps you’ve got an inspiration about the solution to the present question, and maybe these are the explanations that prompted you within the getting down to seek for what’s Google Ads or what’s Google Adwords.

However, there are several reasons i need you to stay in mind to start your journey into using the large capabilities of Google Ads, and you’re fully alert to all the factors on which your success depends.

1- Google enables you to push in some ways
If you’re thinking that that Google enables you to create space on the program results page only, you are doing not see the full picture, there are many places that Google provides for you to position your page.

For example, you’ll find:

Ads within the type of promotional emails that you just can display to everyone who includes a Gmail account.
Advertisements within the variety of images or short videos on various websites.
Ads on YouTube.
Ads on the famous Google computer programme.
Ads on Android apps.
Do not worry, i’ll show you later all the most varieties of Google ads and what distinguishes each type.

2- Google is that the most reliable site within the world
Advertising is to place your product or service ahead of the proper person at the correct time, and Google is that the most used site within the world consistent with many statistics.

There are quite 3.5 billion searches made on Google a day, this is often unlike YouTube and also the remainder of Google platforms and products that you simply can use for promotion.

This means that whatever service or product you would like to market, Google will enable you to achieve those fascinated by it anywhere within the world.

3- Google offers you huge possibilities to implement successful advertising campaigns
There are many possibilities that the majority advertising platforms within the world don’t provide, which Google provides to advertisers, for instance, Google enables you to:

Target specific keywords to position your ads on.
Placing your hands ahead of only a selected group of individuals consistent with age – gender – interests – geographic location).
You can select specific sites or videos to position your ads on.
You can retarget your visitors to avoid wasting on advertising expenses.
Google provides you with the simplest tracking and analysis tools to check the results of your ad campaigns.
Google relies on various computing techniques to gather data and supply it to advertisers.
Google is keen to supply a robust user experience.
For this, in step with Google itself, for each dollar spent on Google Ads, the advertiser gets $8 reciprocally, which may be a very sizable amount for each marketer or business owner.

This is what causes you to trust Google Ads which it’ll bring you positive results once you recognize the way to use it properly.

4- Free promotion takes lots of your time
Perhaps the strongest reason for counting on ads normally is that free promotion through social media, creating a blog or maybe creating a YouTube channel takes plenty of your time and perhaps even some money.

You need:

Find new ideas for writing your articles or making videos.
Use programs to style professional photos and videos.
Building a relationship with the audien

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