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Flatpay vs Zebpay who is better bitcoin wallet in India?

Flatpay and ZebPay are Bitcoin exchanges the user to help with bitcoin. Let’s look at the characteristics of the two btc portoutios that help us differentiate between them. 

Flatpay is a bitcoin portfolio application that helps you and sell and sell bitcoin in India. This BTC Portfolio application allows you to speed you quickly transactions between two parts. FititPay Line minimal transaction closures that only made up on transactions up to other bitcoin portefele. There is no transaction fee or charges for transactions between flatpay applications. 

Flickpay offers his customers with the best prices and services by the VTC in the market with the benefits of cash. It also spends the transparency of the transparency and undesirable monitoring of users transactions. Flatpay also provides some feature with the friendly user interference. 

Zebpay is considered amongst the first portfolios of India’s BTC. ZebPay ensures a quick processing of transactions and the best levels of the BTC. It is tarily of ordinary people who want to use in bitcoin, what makes it very friendly. It is based in Singapore. It helps users to buy $/lapse in different appressions of business businesses. ZebPay also works a change in the bitcoin regulation in India. 

Bitcoin (ZebPay and Fittpay) exchanges are both informal and warranty transparency to their users. Flatpay and ZebPay have the two used users to control the first bank details and receive the same thing in the sync in the application. Then users can make all their transactions without any of the third sessions. The users can sell btc from these two btc exchanges. 

They can use his BTC balance to make payments and transfers. Can the Bitcoin trading muscles. ZebPay and fliesPay are considered the best BTC portfolio applications. 


The special courses of sleighs are their promotion portefula and their references. The promotion portfolio will allow users to carry out their transactions for the bitcoin he wins by referring to a person. The user must have a minimum balance of 1000 Rs in his promotion Portfolio in the market. These feature airwise cross the other portfolios triggers. 

ZebPay’s Bitcoin Portfolio application Enable Beckcoin Transactions with mobile number without a complexity of backcoin. Backups or fear use the ZebPay Wallet app, users can buy, sell, shop, business and go from bitcoins with Bitcoins with mobile numbers in a 4-digit pin. In the. 

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