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If you are a digital entrepreneur or just starting out in the digital market, you probably understand the importance of good promotion and marketing for your business to stand out and shine among the many products and services being offered every day.

In other words, due to the availability of the Internet to everyone and the ease and effectiveness of its use in marketing work, we find many entrepreneurs resort to it, and this indicates the large number of competitors.

There are several marketing strategies that help expand the reach of your brand, and one of these strategies is advertising.

Every marketing strategy aims to convert leads into real and actual customers.

To help you with this task, we have written this comprehensive guide for 2020 that explains step by step how to create teeth on Google Ads

Continue reading the article and find out the details

What does Google Ads mean?
Google Ads is a method that appeared in the late nineties, as an alternative and a tool that helps to distinguish, (appearing distinctly among search results in Google), and this helps entrepreneurs who want to display products and services in obtaining a large number of customers and visits on their site.

With the help of Google Ads, you can create a sponsored advertisement and this is an opportunity to increase sales and increase business revenue.

Ad impressions offer a solution to customers at the moment a potential customer needs help.

Why do we choose Google ADS?
Google Ads is the largest and most famous system in the field of paid advertising, the hosting site is Google (the site that is used globally and is considered the most visited site in the world).

This type of advertising can be used by entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and they do not necessarily have enough money to invest in promotional campaigns. The reason for this is that you can advertise on Google Ads with a low budget, reasonable and affordable for everyone.

Types of ads that can be created on Google Ads
There are 5 ways or formats of ads on Google, we’ll talk a little bit about each one so you can decide which one is best for your audience and business:

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1- Search Ads – or the search network campaign
2- Display Network ADS or Display Network campaign
3- Shopping Ads
4- Video ADS or Video Campaign
5- App ads or Google ADS app
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1- Search Ads – or the search network campaign
This type of advertising is suitable for reaching customers who are interested in a specific product or service, i.e. This form of advertising is aimed at people who are searching using Google for a specific thing or solution.

When you use this type of ads, Google displays your hand to the person who searches, so your ad appears alongside the search results that appear to that user when he types a specific concept or keyword related to what he has marketed or written about through the ad.

2- Display Network ADS or Display Network campaign
A Google Display Network campaign is very good for an entrepreneur if they are considering placing ads on other sites (news or other) or hosting their ad in general in Blogs.

If you choose to use this type of Google Ads, it is very important that you search for pages that are important to your product or business, in this way, you can set up marketing campaigns for people who are looking for solutions (that you may have), but they do not know anything about your products/ your services.

Display Network helps inform people, as you present choices to them, and they learn more about the details since they don’t know much about your brand yet.

3- Shopping Ads
This type of Google ads gives users a good experience and expertise. When someone searches for a product, this type of ads allows them to find many options, in this way they can compare prices (comparing several suppliers).

Shopping ads are responsible for generating online traffic to your website or online store, this type presents an image of your product with a brief explanation of all the features (in addition to the price), the name of the store website, along with other important information about the brand or brand

4- Video ADS or Video Campaign
It is well known that people love to watch videos online, as it is a quick and practical tool for consuming content. For this very reason, if you are thinking of creating an ad on Google, you can consider creating a video ad.

Placing an ad that includes a video that helps to gain customer interaction in a distinctive way, and you can display the video on YouTube itself or other partner sites in Google that allow video interaction.

In terms of budget and payment method for setting up a video ad, you pay on views (we’ll talk more about pricing in the next paragraph).

5- App ads or Google ADS app
The advantage of this type of ads is that it does not need to create a series of ads. In this model, Google Ads uses your ideas in a text for an ad, and based on these ideas, it prepares marketing campaigns

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