Site policy

Hello and welcome to ( Youssef Sayed’s blog – يوسف سيد ). We hope that you will be in the best condition, dear brothers. This blog is a first-class educational blog interested in providing a set of explanations, videos and episodes intended to provide everything new in the field of information and technology. Our goal is also to exchange experiences and ideas. Among us, this blog is completely free and available to everyone, but for your interaction with us to continue, and in order to maintain the benefit of the various services offered by the blog, whether in the field of mobile phones, computers, explanations, programs and educational courses provided by the code and others, there are some terms and conditions that must be observed and adhered to, and they are summarized In the following a mention
1- This blog is educational and specialized in the field of informatics and technology. No one may post posts or comments outside this framework
2- It is strictly forbidden to exploit the Code for advertising, whether for persons or institutions
3- It is forbidden to post any posts, comments or pictures that violate public morals or outrage modesty
4- It is forbidden to use the Code for defamation of others, whether individuals or institutions
5- It is allowed to post quoted posts, but provided that the rights of the owner are not deleted, and the main source of the participation must be mentioned, whether in writing, audio or visual
6- It is preferable to place each post or comment in the relevant section and also choose the appropriate phrases and images for each section
7 – It is strictly forbidden to use the Code for political or partisan purposes, or to advertise to any faction or group
In the end, this was a set of terms and conditions that must be adhered to in order to continue membership and benefit from the Code and always remember the words of God Almighty
(He does not say what he pronounces, except he has a long watchdog)
Be sure to benefit from the blog by adhering to these terms and conditions. As we mentioned before, we hope that this blog will be a means of communication and gaining experience between us. We ask everyone to cooperate in what is suitable
Allah says
Help in righteousness and piety, and do not cooperate with iniquity and aggression.
So make this verse a method for dealing with us
Through ( Youssef Sayed’s blog – يوسف سيد ) keeps this blog

A means of communication in order to reach the summit, so be sure to be with us, and in conclusion, we hope to thank everyone and pray to God that we will meet your good expectations and always be happy with your opinions and suggestions.