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A Google account

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A Google account is a user account that provides access to Google-owned services such as a blogger, YouTube, and Google groups. A Google account can be used either by a user name (usually an associated email address) or by a private Google ID. You can create an account by going to the Gmail email creation page. Accounts in Europe used this link (googlemail.com) because Google did not have this current link from Google.

Now Google has solved the link problem, and all users can sign in with a Gmail link, or with another email address from another provider. After Google is created, users can add other Google apps. The calculation options are grouped in a single, separate page, but each application has its own properties.
The applications accessible through your Google account are:

Web History – Google search history that records everything a user searches online through Google search.
Google Plus
Google Words
Google Calendar
Google Check
google blog
Google Docs
Google Groups
Google medicine
Google Maps
Google News
Google Reader
Google Sites
Google Talk
I’m Google

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